Square Gable Vent - 15”x 15”

Maximum vent free air flow.



Square Gable Vent - 15" x 15"

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Our guarantee here at Siding Mounts is that we will make your home looks beautiful while also enforcing functional materials built with quality in mind. We understanding how important cladding is on a home. It can be the difference between boring and stunning. We also know how important cladding is for function. Nobody wants a house filled with mold and insects! If you choose the cheap road, that is exactly what can happen. But with our products, we will make you home look gorgeous and make sure our products function as they are intended to: to keep your vents safe!

Square Gable Vent – 15” x 15” is a decorative gable vent that comes in a beautiful white to add some neutral highlights to whatever colour your home is. It looks gorgeous when added to darker tones to create contrast as well as lighter homes to allow flow. All the square gable vents include a decorative drip channel that is ideal for rain screen applications. It functions to funnel the water out and over the exterior finish of the house which is already protected with a coat of paint to prevent moisture from penetrating the stucco or siding. We designed this gable to include weeping holes which act to prevent condensation or moisture from getting trapped inside. Trapped moisture creates ideal conditions for mold to form, which can be disastrous to your home. Speaking of disastrous, we designed this square Gable Vent with a molded-in screen which prevents pesky insects from nesting. Insects notoriously damage the glue and create further issues you may not even notice until it is too late. With our molded-in screen, insects do not stand a chance! The large rear angle allows for easy washing, and peel-and-stick application. We design our products to be functional, stylish, and made with the homeowner in mind. There is a reason contractors love our products!

Square Gable Vent – 15” x 15”comes in one colour: white. Packed with all your favourite features and looking absolutely amazing, you are certain to find exactly what you need with one of our square gable vents!