Screened Plastic Mini Louvers



Screened Plastic Mini Louvers

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All of us at Siding Mounts understand the importance of your home. We are homeowners too, and we settle for only the highest quality and best-looking products we can find. Cladding is all too often either ugly or does not function as it is intended to, which will cause myriad problems down the road. When we design our products, we keep the homeowner in mind. We want your home to be beautiful and safe from potential problems, so we designed state of the art cladding that ensures homeowners only the best experience possible. You can rest assured there will be no structural problems with our high-quality siding mounts.

The answer for those hard-to-ventilate places!

  • Can be used to add ventilation to an existing exterior without “unzippering” the existing structure.
  • Circular louvers offer relief from excess moisture and heat, and are screened for weather and insect protection.
  • Perfect for ventilating most kitchen and home electronics cabinets.
  • Easy installation—no fasteners required.
  • Polypropylene construction with UV inhibitors.
  • 5″ and 6″ sizes have a 1.5″ flange for mechanical connection.

The Screened Plastic Mini Louvers are constructed with UV inhibitors and ready for easy installation thanks to the fact there are no fasteners required. This product is perfect for ventilating most kitchen and home electronics cabinets. It can also be used to a little ventilation to an already existing exterior without having to unzipper the pre-existing structure. This circular louver also provides some relief from a build up of moisture or heat and also come screened to protect your home from the elements. It also provides protection for pesky insects looking to find a new home and start nesting in your house.

The 1” / 1.5” / 2” / 2.5” / 3” are available at 100 pieces (a carton). The 4” are available at 50 pieces (a carton). And the 5” / 6” are available at 20 pieces (a carton). Available in three colour choices: white, black, and dark brown, you are sure to find the perfect one to fit your needs.