Rectangular Gable Vent - 17”x 23”

Maximum vent free air flow.



Rectangular Gable Vent 17" x 23"

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All of us here at Siding Mounts know of the problems that arise for homeowners they might not have been aware of, such as moisture permeating your home, or insects nesting, damaging the structure. When we design our products, we design them to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. We know the cladding on a home is ultimately aesthetics, but they need to function properly as well, or you are just applying a bandaid to a broken bone. There are more problems than it is worth if you take the cheap route and buy cladding that does not come packed with our state-of-the-art designs and features. For that reason, our products are made of high-quality materials that look good, feel good, and work as they are intended to!

The Rectangular Gable Vent – 17” x 23” is one of our classic products. Featuring intuitive design, functionality, and all around good looks, this gable vent works as a wonderful addition to any home, big or small. The Small Rectangular Gable Vent has all the same features as the round and octagon gable vents, including many features you know and love about our products. These include the weeping holes which act to prevent moisture and condensation from getting into your home (which, as you might already know, causes mold, which can be a massive problem for your house); a molded-in screen which prevents insects from nesting and further damaging the structural integrity of your house; the decorative drip channel, which works to prevent water from working its way inside and instead moves it away and down the exterior siding or stucco, into the drains; and the easy washing and peel-and-stick application, making this remarkably headache free to install for either you or your contractor. The Small Rectangular Gable Vent also maximizes free air flow to keep your house fresh. Also, it includes level lines to assist in the installation of the product. Meaning no mistakes! It can be applied to several different materials, including: brick, vinyl, wood, aluminum, hardy board, and so much more!

The Rectangular Gable Vent – 17” x 23” is available in one colour choice: white.