Half Moon Gable Vent – 34”x 23”

• All vents include a decorative drip channel ideal for rain screen applications — it funnels water out and over the exterior finish; weeping holes prevent condensation or moisture from being trapped.
• Large rear angel allows easy washing and peel-and-stick application; removable 3” trim ring allows easy installation
• Deep wood grain finish complete with mitre joints enhances the original wood vent look
• Molded-in screen prevents insects from nesting; screen cannot become unglued



Half Moon Gable Vent - 34"x 23"

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The cladding on a home not only determines look and aesthetics, but functions as protection against the elements. Like so many homeowners have already discovered, mold can compromise the structural integrity of a building. We understand the problems that can arise from having cheap cladding on your home, so we made high-quality products that not only perform their intended function, but also look absolutely stunning on your home!

The Half Moon Gable Vent – 34” x 23” is a decorative gable vent that comes in a beautiful white to add some neutral highlights to whatever colour your home is. It is a gorgeous addition to any home, particularly those with darker tones, but looks amazing on lighter homes too. All the gable vents include a decorative drip channel that is ideal for rain screen applications. It functions to funnel the water out and over the exterior finish of the house. We designed this gable to include weeping holes which act to prevent condensation or moisture from getting trapped inside. Trapped moisture and condensation creates the perfect conditions for mold, which nobody wants in their home. When we were designing this product, we kept insects in mind. Nobody likes annoying insects tearing apart their home! We designed this Half Moon Gable Vent with a molded-in screen which prevents pesky insects from nesting. Instead of discovering too late that your home is the home of bugs chewing up the foundation of your house, we eliminated the problem before it could arise, thanks to our unique design. The large rear angle allows for easy washing and peel-and-stick application, also the removable 3” trim ring allows for easy installation for either you or your contractor.

The Half Moon Gable Vent – 34” x 23” comes in one colour: white. It has dimensions of 34” x 23” but also comes in a smaller size if this one is slightly too large for what you are looking for. It is a very lightweight product but is designed and built with materials meant to withstand time and whatever elements nature throws your way!