Half Moon Gable Vent - 31”x 20"

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Half Moon Gable Vent - 31"x 20"

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The cladding on a home not only determines look and aesthetics, but functions as protection against the elements. Like so many homeowners have already discovered, mold can compromise the structural integrity of a building. We understand the problems that can arise from having cheap cladding on your home, so we made high-quality products that not only perform their intended function, but also look absolutely stunning on your home!

The Half Moon Gable Vent – 31” x 20” is a decorative gable vent perfect for your home exterior. It is the choice of contractors across the country. Coming in a classic and unobtrusive white colour, it adds flavour to homes painted darker tones and blends nicely with those lighter hues. All our vents include a decorative drip channel idea for rain screen applications. This works as a method of funneling the water out and over the exterior finish of your home. The unique design of weeping holes is ideal to prevent condensation or moisture from getting trapped. Trapped condensation and moisture means mold is going to form soon, and that can cause permanent damage to the structure of your home. We know how much of a hassle setting up ladders and giving your home the good cleaning it deserves, so we designed our vents to have large rear angles which allow for easy washing. If you are doing do it yourself home renos, this product is perfect as it includes an easy peel-and-stick application and removable 3” trim ring. Our unique design makes for an original wood vent look. And the mold-in screen averts insects from nesting and destroying the glue.

The Half Moon Gable Vent comes in the dimensions 31” x 20” and comes in the colour white. If you are looking for a slightly larger size, we also offer the half moon gable vent in the dimensions 34” x 23”. As the choice of contractors across the country, you can rest assured the products we design are made of the highest quality materials and will persevere through whatever the seasons throw your way!